Apple Loop: iPhone 15 Ultra Leaks, a glass MacBook, the App Store cryptography problem

Apple Loop: iPhone 15 Ultra Leaks, a glass MacBook, the App Store cryptography problem

Looking back on another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes the design of the iPhone 15 Ultra, the importance of iOS 16.1.2, the glass MacBook, Elon Musk challenges the Apple’s decisions, the App Store faces crypto issues, another VR PR moment, and the importance of “The Greatest” ad campaign.

Apple Loop is here to remind you of some of the many, many discussions that have taken place around Apple over the past seven days (and you can read my weekly Android news roundup here on Forbes).

Leaked iPhone 15 Ultra Design

Following the discussion of iPhone 5C-like curves on the upcoming iPhone 15, its; the turn of the iPhone 15 Ultra (born Pro Max) to show a little ankle. The latest concept images show the new curves, as well as the essential camera and connection:

“Extraordinarily detailed renders by Saad Ismail (for AppleInsider) illustrate what reports of curved edges, dual front cameras and the transition to USB-C should look like. And the result is an undeniably modern yet undeniably retro iPhone. “


Apple releases iOS 16.1.2

Although there are no shutdown issues, iOS 16 has struggled since its launch alongside the iPhone 14 family. As with any software release, the updates address the various issues that a wide public dissemination will always reveal:

“Apple released iOS 16.1.2 on Wednesday with some fixes and updates. The update comes three weeks after the release of iOS 16.1.1 and over a month after the release of iOS 16.1. This latest iOS includes some security updates, improved wireless carrier compatibility, and collision detection improvements for the iPhone 14 lineup.”


A glass keyboard for your Macbook

Last year saw one of the most drastic physical changes to the MacBook Pro’s design in five years – the curved edges have been squared off and the screen has gotten a little bigger. Yet Apple’s R&D continues to work on cutting-edge ideas, as a recently issued patent demonstrates:

“Apple engineers have been researching and filing patents related to the use of glass bodies for future MacBooks and iMacs (01, 02, 03, and 04) since at least 2018. This week, the U.S. Patent Office and Marks released an update to one of Apple’s patents for a glass-bodied MacBook with a more flexible, bendable glass surface to reduce the impact of typing on solid glass like an iPad. Apple also plans to provide more flexible raised glass keys on a keyboard that incorporates touch sensors under each key.

(Apparently Apple).

Musk face to face on the App Store “Tax”

Apple’s thirty percent rake on all App Store app sales and in-app purchases continues to draw attention. This week, the owner of the personal millstone that is Twitter. The Blue-Tick program (now on hiatus) for iOS only saw thirty percent of the $8 go to Apple. In addition to issues with app updates and ad spend on the service, Elon Musk posted a very public “I love Apple” message.

“Although Musk came out just a few days ago, it seems he has calmed down considerably. In the days that followed, Musk deleted at least one of the tweets recalling the 30% reduction in App Store. He also praised Apple’s corporate headquarters as “beautiful.”


Coinbase Faces Impossible App Store

Quick question, would you expect Apple to take 30% of transaction fees from your bank account every time you transfer money with a banking app on your iPhone or iPad? Now, what if that bank account was actually a cryptocurrency account where you have to pay for a transaction for free every time you transfer money? The former is fine, but the latter attracts app store fees. What seems annoying:

“”Apple says the gas fee required to send NFTs must be paid through their in-app purchase system, so they can collect 30% of the gas fee,” Coinbase said via its Coinbase Wallet Twitter account. .kinda like Apple trying to lower fees for every email sent over open internet protocols.”

(Coinbase via Forbes).

Apple’s virtual reality has a new name

The final mention of keeping Apple’s virtual/mixed/augmented reality headset front and center comes with a few changes to the name of the operating system:

“The company plans to introduce the headset as early as next year, along with a dedicated operating system and app store for third-party software, according to people familiar with the matter. Internally, the company recently changed the name of the operating system to “xrOS” from “realityOS,” said the people, who asked not to be identified because the project is still secret.”


And finally…

Apple’s recent marketing campaign around “The Greatest” does more than just promote the tools and services offered by the company. It provides visibility:

“Of course, Apple wants you to use their products, but so do Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others. There is a deeper message: the question is not whether Apple subliminally advertises to people; the salient point is that Apple openly advertises the basic humanity of the disabled person.”


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