Partner Content: Accelerators Power HPC Success

Partner Content: Accelerators Power HPC Success

High Performance Computing (HPC) dramatically improves computing performance and speed. It’s no surprise that organizations are increasingly opting for this emerging technology, given its ability to overcome barriers found in traditional PCs and processors. HPC systems can run more than a million times faster than typical desktop, laptop or server configurations. These superior speeds are further enhanced by the use of HPC accelerators, allowing organizations to process data quickly at lower cost and with much lower latency.

ComputingThe latest research from in this area, conducted in collaboration with Intel, reveals that only a fifth of organizations using HPC also use accelerators, suggesting that there is serious room for improvement in this area.

IT managers who use accelerators overwhelmingly recognize their benefits, with 67% of organizations agreeing that they have improved workload efficiency, while over 90% say accelerators have enabled or will enable new HPC use cases for their business.

Achieving optimal performance depends on selecting the right processors and accelerators and ensuring that the right hardware underpins them.

Take advantage of built-in accelerators

In order to accommodate the enormous processing power of HPC workloads, significant memory bandwidth is required. Traditionally, this meant owning or renting supercomputers to perform HPC tasks. Fortunately, today HPC and accelerators are much more accessible and can be integrated into the central processing unit (CPU).

The initial success of HPC is reflected in the motivation of IT managers to continue or increase their use of HPC: 97% of respondents expect their use of HPC to increase or stay the same over the next two years.

This is important for businesses that need consistent and reliable results. Use cases for HPC range from data analysis and AI inference to simulation and test case modeling. Therefore, HPC is often at the forefront of industry developments. When asked how using Accelerators has affected their organization, respondents reported significant improvements in their response times, monitoring capabilities, and performance.

Adopting HPC with built-in accelerators provides organizations with the critical performance needed, enabling immediate and reliable computing power without having to purchase new hardware or lease infrastructure. Organizations can save additional costs with this approach and focus on maximizing their investments.

Activate the AI

The role of IT is paramount in applications like AI. For demanding computations like this, dedicated accelerators improve performance and scalability. Designed to maximize training and machine learning throughput, while ensuring optimal efficiency, AI accelerators will adapt to systems and workloads with high precision. AI accelerators achieve exceptional results in a much shorter time frame, optimizing task execution as well as cost and organizational footprint.

The accelerators that underpin AI greatly expand the capabilities of organizations focused on areas such as data science, improving the speed of results and generating insights for very large amounts of data and complex sets. Deep learning benefits greatly from HPC and AI accelerators, especially for large multidimensional datasets.

HPC, enhanced by the use of accelerators and the application of AI, makes significant contributions to scientific analysis, design, visualization and simulation, and much more. Accelerating possibilities, delivering performance, return on investment and long-term energy savings are priorities for today’s organizations.

Workloads have changed, which means investing in and using the right hardware is essential to ensure that the benefits of HPC are fully exploited. 44% of companies surveyed say HPC is having a transformative impact on their business, demonstrating the value of adoption. In a data-centric world, it’s essential to have a solid strategy that uses HPC and accelerators to drive innovation and meet today’s challenges.

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