What Life Was Like As A Teenager Before The Internet – MTV, Mixtapes & The Mall

Almost everyone lives most of their life online these days, and the younger you are, the more likely you are to spend with a screen from time to time.

With the internet being so central to life, it’s easy to forget that once upon a time…it just didn’t exist.

But as crazy as it sounds for a lot of young people these days, if you’re of a certain age, you remember those pre-internet days all too well – and probably with great fondness.

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Reddit users reflect on teenage life before the internet.

On Reddit, people reflected on those peaceful analog days in a NoStupidQuestions subReddit thread in which someone asked “pre-internet teens” what they did in their free time.

The answers are a real trip down memory lane for many of us and a reminder that we all lived in a very different world.

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Mixtapes… So many mixtapes…

By far, the most popular answers to the question of what teenagers did before the internet were about music, especially the careful construction of mixtapes.

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