Tesla releases holiday update with Apple Music, Mahjong and more

Tesla releases holiday update with Apple Music, Mahjong and more

Tesla has started rolling out a new software update known as the “Holiday Update” with Apple Music, Mahjong, and other features.

Every year during the holidays, Tesla has been known to release a bigger software update with certain features that are usually more fun than functional.

Tesla regularly adds new features to its fleet through software updates whenever they’re ready, but sometimes it bundles them together for a bigger change update, which people call the “holiday update.” .

Today, Tesla started rolling out the update (2022.44.25) to customers, and we’re seeing the release notes for the first time.

It’s arguably not Tesla’s biggest holiday update. Last year, for example, Tesla owners got a massive update with lots of user interface changes and a bunch of new video games built into the vehicles.

The biggest new feature this year is an Apple Music app built into its vehicles – joining other music streaming apps already in cars, like Spotify and Tidal.

We already knew Apple Music was coming, but now it’s officially here.

Tesla wrote in the release notes:

Stream over 100 million songs and 30,000 playlists ad-free. Listen to your entire library, discover new music, and tune into live radio stations. To access Apple Music, tap the Apple Music icon in the app launcher, scan the QR code with your mobile device, and sign in with your Apple ID.

Note: A Premium Connectivity subscription is required to stream Apple Mucis over a cellular connection

All of Tesla’s most data-intensive apps inside its vehicles require the $10 per month Premium Connectivity subscription to enhance the included cellular connectivity inside Tesla vehicles.

Tesla regularly adds games to its “Tesla Arcade” entertainment platform inside its vehicles.

With the holiday update, the automaker adds Mahjong.

Tesla wrote about the addition in the release notes:

The relaxing tile match game has been enhanced with a modern, clean design, smooth animations and soothing sounds. Match identical tiles. A tile is playable if it is open on the left or on the right and is not covered by another tile. Keep matching tiles to clear the board and your mind! To access Mahjong, tap the app launcher > Arcade.

The update also brings an update to Dog Mode, which allows owners to safely leave their dogs in their vehicles with the air conditioning on.

Tesla somehow combines the feature with its remote live view feature launched last year.

The company wrote in the release notes:

View the indoor camera from the mobile app while using dog mode or sentry mode. To activate the live camera, tap Controls > Security > Show live camera via mobile app.

Tesla notes that owners also need the latest mobile app update for this feature to work, as remote viewing works through the app.

The update also includes improvements to Tesla’s “Light Show,” a feature launched over the holidays a few years ago, and allows Tesla vehicles to put on a light show with its music-matching headlights.

Tesla now allows you to program the light show:

Schedule the light show up to 10 minutes in advance or watch a multi-car orchestra by setting them to start simultaneously. Celebrate the New Year with the Auld Lang Syne show or create longer custom shows.

To access Light Show, tap Launcher > Toybox.

The Holiday Update also includes a bunch of smaller features and updates to existing features that are pretty self-explanatory. Here are all straight from the release notes:

Air conditioning fan speed

Adjust the fan speed intensity while remaining in AUTO cooling mode by selecting “LO”, “MED” and “HI” from the fan intensity selector on the climate control pop-up window.

MyQ Connected Garage

myQ connected garage door openers are now supported. Monitor and control your garage door remotely using your vehicle’s touchscreen. To set up, tap Controls > Locks > myQ Connected Garage > Link Account, then follow the instructions.

Automatic turn signals

The turn signals can turn off automatically at the end of a lane change, turn or merge. Touch Controls > Lights > Auto Turn Signals.

Confirm phone call transfer

Active phone calls from a mobile device connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth will now request confirmation before transferring audio to the vehicle.

Contact tracing

Search for contacts from a connected Bluetooth device. To access it, touch the Launcher icon > Phone > Contacts > Search.

Media controls improvements

Media controls are closer to the driver for easy access. Swipe up to access “Recents and Favorites” and “Sources.” Swipe left or right to also access trips and tire pressure information.

Emissions test mode via mobile app

Emissions test mode can now be used from the mobile app. Long-press any quick commands icon on the home screen and drag the “Fart” icon to the top row.

Note: This feature requires mobile app versions 4.15.0+

Always rainbows

Allow your driving visualization to show Rainbow Road when autopilot is active. To activate, tap Launcher > Toybox > Rainbow Road > Always Rainbows.

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