Rapper Glorilla left the internet horrified with a personal revelation (Image via Getty Images)

‘She doesn’t bring food to the potluck’: Glorilla French Fries revelation leaves internet appalled

American rapper Glorilla aka Gloria Hallelujah Woods has left social media users appalled after revealing a shocking anecdote from her personal life.

During a recent appearance on the Lip Service podcast, Woods was asked about the “meanest” thing she’s done privately during a fun chat with the hosts. Before sharing her experience, the rapper said:

“I do shit I’ve never heard of.”

When the podcast hosts asked the musician for examples, she replied:

“It’s weird and shitty, but okay, we just finished eating, right?” Don’t worry about that… so let’s say we’re done eating, do we have sex right away and so if it’s on my food, I’m still going to eat it… if he doesn’t There’s no trick on my food, I’ll eat it.

The rapper burst out laughing after the reveal and added:

“Just step on my fries real quick and I’ll eat it.”

As the podcast clip went viral online, the internet responded to the revelation with a barrage of hilarious memes and comments. Some horrified social media users also said that Glorilla should never bring her share of food to a charity event:

Instagram comments (1/4) (Image via Instagram)

Glorilla says she tells her man to 🥜🔩 on his food and she eats it. https://t.co/lW3OJ0OlFb

Instagram comments (2/4) (Image via Instagram)Instagram comments (3/4) (Image via Instagram)Instagram comments (4/4) (Image via Instagram)Glorilla is a Grammy-nominated American rapper from Memphis (Image via Getty Images)

The rapper shot to fame after releasing her April 2022 single FNF (let’s go) with producer Hitkidd. The track went viral and also paved the way for the #FNFChallenge on TikTok. A remix of the song featuring Latto and JT was also released earlier this year.

Woods released another song titled just say that with Duke Deuce in June 2022. Shortly after, she signed with rapper Yo Gotti’s label Collective Music Group. She was also featured on the compilation album gangster art.

Glorilla’s single Tomorrow 2 featuring Cardi B was also a hit and garnered her a lot of popularity. The rapper released her EP Either way, life is good in November 2022. Earlier this month, she featured on Latto’s single FTCU alongside rapper Gangsta Boo.

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