Ampere Computing Shows Growth in Public Cloud, Liftr Insights Data Shows

The growth of Ampere Computing, based on the ARM architecture, in the public cloud is also a strong signal of growth in the private sector.

AUSTIN, TX, December 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Liftr Insights, a pioneer in unique data-driven market intelligence, shows Ampere Computing’s growth through the lens of Liftr Insights data.

Ampere Computing grows in the cloud

Ampere Computing shows cloud growth through the lens of Liftr Insights data.

Ampere Computing, a candidate for an IPO in the near future, made its first appearance among the top six cloud providers in mid-2021. The company’s presence continues to grow in the cloud, with data showing annual growth as of mid-November 2022 of 443%.

“Intel and AMD are paying close attention to Ampere,” said Tab Schadt, CEO of Liftr Insights. “They know that Ampere is reducing their share of the overall market.”

Intel and AMD build processors based on the x86 architecture. The ARM-based architecture competes with x86. Investors are keeping a close eye on ARM as another pre-IPO company.

Among the indicators of growth indirectly from Ampere Computing, and directly from ARM, is the continued expansion of AWS Graviton. Like Ampere Computing, Graviton uses the ARM architecture. The adoption of Graviton within AWS is a good signal of companies’ interest and willingness to move from x86 chips to ARM-based chips like what Ampere Computing offers.

Liftr Insights has tracked the growth of AWS Graviton from the first generation to the latest generation released this year. Graviton is up 20% over the past 6 months according to data from Liftr Insights.

Other cloud providers choose to leverage Ampere Computing technology instead of or before implementing their own ARM-based processors. Private companies are turning to ARM-based architecture as a feasible option for lower cost performance and lower power consumption. As debates continue over whether ARM-based architectures can deliver performance equivalent to x86-based architecture for a lower overall cost, data from Liftr Insights indicates that more consumers are ready to make the switch.

“We’ve been monitoring Ampere Computing and ARM since we started tracking data in early 2019,” Schadt says. “The rate of growth and impact on Intel and AMD has been exciting to watch. Our customers follow these changes every few weeks! We expect even more interest when Ampere Computing and ARM file their IPOs.”

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